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Application to Join Inner Circle

The EPN Inner Circle is an exclusive network of business owners dedicated to mutual support, overcoming obstacles, and fostering growth within our community. Membership criteria are designed to ensure a harmonious group, where each member brings unique insights and value. To be considered for membership, applicants must:

  • Own a business, ensuring a common foundation of experience and challenges.

  • Represent an industry exclusively, to prevent competition and promote open sharing.

  • Businesses must not operate under multi-level marketing (MLM) structures, ensuring our commitment to traditional and pioneering business models.

  • Receive unanimous approval from existing members, ensuring compatibility and shared values.

  • Demonstrate good character, as trust and integrity are pillars of our community.

We believe that by adhering to these criteria, the EPN Inner Circle will remain a thriving ecosystem of collaboration, learning, and business excellence.

Thanks for Applying

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